About Us

Semnan Weaving Company was established in 1983 in line with macroeconomic policies and self-sufficiency in textile products in order to supply the textiles required by the country in Darzin city of Semnan city based on modern scientific and engineering principles and using modern technology. With more than three decades of experience and activity in the field of textile industry with millions of meters of fabric annual production, this company has become one of the most important manufacturers of men’s shirt fabrics and 100% cotton garments in the country so that the company’s products can compete with the best It has similar products in European countries and is at the highest possible level in terms of quality and is one of the most capable industrial units in the field of textile products, which with the guarantee of product quality has a good potential in the current competitive market and has a high position. It has gained merit among similar units. Some of the factory products are:
1- All kinds of simple men’s shirt fabrics and 100% cotton or fiber blend
2 – All kinds of patterned and simple women’s manteau fabrics
3 – Types of linen pants and linen
4 – Production of some special products for special uses